Dean Norton: Moodlum Zinc

This motion piece was created for Melbourne-based furniture designer Dean Norton.

Moodlum Zinc coffee table is re-imagined in a series of 3D images and a motion piece that describes how each piece of furniture interacts with its changing environment in a play of contrasts, shadow, and light.

The electroplated edition is featured so we can appreciate a zinc-plated finish that reflects the color of its surroundings, elevating the sculptural form and tone of each piece. 


Dean Norton develops products that consider form, function, refined detailing and harmony in materials. Drawing inspiration from a number of contemporary Influences, he strives to create enduring pieces that connect on an emotional level, merging a balance between art and design whilst maintaining a minimalist design aesthetic.

Barcelona / 2020
Client: Dean Norton

Concept, Design, Computer Generated Film & Direction: Spot Studio
Art Direction: Nicolás Cañellas
3D Animation: Ezequiel Leiva
Sound Design: Facundo Capece   


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Barcelona, Spain.