SieMatic: Larger Than Life

We teamed up with the creative agency Less Rain to create this series of Syleworlds for SieMatic, one of the leading manufacturers of luxury kitchens worldwide. The mission was to create a visual language that could express the way in which luxury has been redefined in our days. We built 4 Stylworlds, 4 different expressions of lifestyles that helped build the mission behind the brand’s kitchens.


The luxury of the SieMatic PURE lies in its reduction to the essential. Discreetly integrated into the architecture and freed from all superfluous elements, it incorporates the free space as an element and allows it to breathe. An atmosphere of soothing lightness.


The expressive design of the SieMatic MONDIAL speaks a minimalist, modern and geometric language of form without traditional ornamentation and stylistics. With bold colors and shapes, paired with expressive materials it challenges conventions of kitchen design.


By combining the characteristic classic attention to detail with the clarity of modernity, this timeless CLASSIC space was created. Taking elements that link old and new aesthetic values into one kitchen.


Inspired by city life, URBAN has a fusion between industrial castle-like lofts and bohemian luxurious elements. Materials include concrete, marble and dark ceramics. We aimed to construct a space that could describe whoever lived in it:  Someone who stands up for individuality and creativity, and unconventional style.

Barcelona / 2022
Client: SieMatic

A project by: Spot Studio
Direction: Nicolás Cañellas
Design: Nicolás Cañellas & Diego Sebastian 


From Us To You

On our first year anniversary we designed a sweatshirt to share with Spot Studio's community as a thank you for the support as the studio took off.

We wanted to present this sweatshirt in a special way so we created this piece that narrates it's journey as it lands in a series of abstract spaces…

This was an in-house project with loose guidelines. The mission was to contextualize the product in a variery of nonfigurative spaces.  This is why we design a wildly creative, abstract and non-descriptive environment to integrate the sweatshirt.

An in-house project by: Spot Studio
Directed by: Nicolás Cañellas
Art Direction & Design: Nicolás Cañellas
3D Animation & Simulation: Ezequiel Leiva
3D Design assistant: Álvaro Pastor
Sound Design: Facu Capese
Production: Sofía von Linden
Barcelona, 2022


Ceria x Spot Studio 

We partnered with Mother LA to create this series of films for the Non-Alcoholic craft beer Ceria.

The videos were part of a re-brand in which we created natural environments to contextualize the products with elements that evoke different aspects of their identity. The mission was to subtly surround the product with a sense of liquidity and quiet magic.

Barcelona / 2022
Client: CERIA

Agency: Mother LA

A project by: Spot Studio

Directed by: Nicolás Cañellas

Art direction & design: Nicolás Cañellas & Diego Sebastian

3D Animation & Simulation: Ezequiel Leiva
Producer: Sofía Von Linden


Sketched Spaces

We have been working with furniture designers, artists, agencies, product designers, and all sorts of clients, helping them to design spaces, tell a story, figure out a concept or create prototypes of things they want to create.

This journey is not about a single visual language or style, it takes us through a never-ending hunt for the next concept and aesthetic to explore. Every step along this journey is shaping the ways we tell stories, and create images.


This is a tribute to our daily work - watch the entire CG Film here:

Barcelona / 2020
In house project by Spot Studio

Desing & Art Direction: Nicolás Cañellas
3D Animation: Ezequiel Leiva & Nicolás Cañellas
Music & Sound Design: Un.Studios    


Room For Nature

'We borrow from nature the space upon which we build’ This phrase from Tadao Ando was the starting point for this series of CGI.

Born from a desire to rethink the barrier dividing man and nature in buildings, these peaceful scenarios invite us to appreciate and reflect on how architecture can reconnect men with other forms of life.

Room for Nature is a visual project that commemorates the junction of architecture and nature in a peaceful way. It seeks to re-learn living spaces as a concept, and explore the direction of these environments in the future.




Barcelona / 2021

A project by: Spot Studio  

Directed by: Nicolás Cañellas

Postproduction by: Studio Wolfram

CGI by: Nicolás Cañellas & Álvaro Pastor


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Barcelona, Spain.