Room For Nature

'We borrow from nature the space upon which we build’ This phrase from Tadao Ando was the starting point for this series of CGI.

Born from a desire to rethink the barrier dividing man and nature in buildings, these peaceful scenarios invite us to appreciate and reflect on how architecture can reconnect men with other forms of life.

Room for Nature is a visual project that commemorates the junction of architecture and nature in a peaceful way. It seeks to re-learn living spaces as a concept, and explore the direction of these environments in the future.




Barcelona / 2021

A project by: Spot Studio  

Directed by: Nicolás Cañellas

Postproduction by: Studio Wolfram

CGI by: Nicolás Cañellas & Álvaro Pastor


All rights reserved. © 2022 Spot Studio S.L.

Barcelona, Spain.