SieMatic: Larger Than Life

We teamed up with the creative agency Less Rain to create this series of Syleworlds for SieMatic, one of the leading manufacturers of luxury kitchens worldwide. The mission was to create a visual language that could express the way in which luxury has been redefined in our days. We built 4 Stylworlds, 4 different expressions of lifestyles that helped build the mission behind the brand’s kitchens.


The luxury of the SieMatic PURE lies in its reduction to the essential. Discreetly integrated into the architecture and freed from all superfluous elements, it incorporates the free space as an element and allows it to breathe. An atmosphere of soothing lightness.


The expressive design of the SieMatic MONDIAL speaks a minimalist, modern and geometric language of form without traditional ornamentation and stylistics. With bold colors and shapes, paired with expressive materials it challenges conventions of kitchen design.


By combining the characteristic classic attention to detail with the clarity of modernity, this timeless CLASSIC space was created. Taking elements that link old and new aesthetic values into one kitchen.


Inspired by city life, URBAN has a fusion between industrial castle-like lofts and bohemian luxurious elements. Materials include concrete, marble and dark ceramics. We aimed to construct a space that could describe whoever lived in it:  Someone who stands up for individuality and creativity, and unconventional style.

Barcelona / 2022
Client: SieMatic

A project by: Spot Studio
Direction: Nicolás Cañellas
Design: Nicolás Cañellas & Diego Sebastian 


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Barcelona, Spain.