Sketched Spaces

We have been working with furniture designers, artists, ad angencies, product designers, companies and direct clients, helping them to design spaces, tell a story, figure out an concept/idea and making a realistic look of prototypes that don’t exist phisically yet.

And what we want to achive on this journey is not a single visual language or style, is about a never ending seeking for the next step in terms of concept and aesthetic. Nowadays everything we have learned it is working together and building a way about how to tell a story, to make a image and to guide your eyes with intention through the frame.


This is a tribute piece about our daily work - watch the entire CG Film here:

Barcelona / 2020
In house project by Spot Studio

Desing & Art Direction: Nicolás Cañellas
3D Animation: Ezequiel Leiva & Nicolás Cañellas
Music & Sound Design: Un.Studios    


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Barcelona, Spain.